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Better, not younger

We don’t want to be 25 again (even though it was really fun at the time). We love our age, and we’re pretty sure you feel that way too. We’re striving for better, not younger. And that mantra drives everything we do. We’re helping you achieve the best version of yourself. After you leave our doors, you’ll look just like you – the million dollar version of you – and it will feel so damn good.


Safety is our thing

Botox, fillers, and other medical aesthetics treatments are extremely safe, but like any minimally invasive procedure, they come with potential risks which should never be downplayed. When you visit us, you will be treated by an MD, RN, RPN, or medical aesthetician that has been trained and mentored by our team of board certified plastic surgeons.

And the surgeons do more than just approve dosages for first timers, they meet with our staff regularly to discuss new techniques, and review protocols for potential adverse effects. Your provider can ask a doctor to see you at any time during your treatment.


"Absolutely loved my experience here! Geneva was amazing. She walked me through the process step by step during the entire procedure so i felt very comfortable as i know exactly what to expect. I got the hollywood carbon facial and i can already see some difference even with just one session. I love that there is no down time so i can go out and about the same day. The place is very clean and welcoming. They have several procedures available and will highly recommend this place to everyone."

Customized and catered to you

We treat a truly diverse group of individuals, from high powered business people, to laid back moms, to journalists, celebrities and influencers. We’ve designed our space and our treatment protocols to offer you convenience, efficiency and absolute comfort. We don’t keep you here any longer than you need to be, and many of our treatments can be done over your lunch break.

Have some questions?

We're here to walk you through every step of the process. Including the part where you ask 100+ questions.

Let's go for it.

We're so excited to get started with you and can't wait to deliver a beautiful, natural look.

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